Thursday, 1 October 2015

Montague Island By Sea Kayak

Although this is the fifth time I have kayaked from Narooma to Montague Island and then on to Bermagui it was definitely the most memorable!

Wow what a trip. The NE wind came up early which made me smile as I approached Montague Island, knowing I had a 20km+ downwind paddle to Bermagui ahead. I had a quick break at the Island (in the kayak) before starting my downward leg of the trip. I was about halfway to Bermagui when I heard what I thought was a rogue wave breaking behind me. I turned my head and received a massive fright! Approximately 10-15m behind me was a massive hump back whale half way out of the water in the middle of a full breach. The landing was like an explosion with the shock wave hitting my stern. I was honestly worried he would land on my back deck! I broke left to get out of his path but he must have smelt my pants and gave me some space before performing more breaches to now enjoy. The photo's don't give this experience justice! In 17 years of kayaking I have never experienced such emotion as having the giant of the sea in such close proximity. Trip 34.4km, max speed 19.26km/hr, moving average 9.07km/hr, Kayak Rockpool Taran.

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