Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Day 8 Spike cove to Little Musselroe Bay

SE15-20 kts 1-1.5m sea's. The wind was howling during the night but the forecast was for it to ease the next day. There was a change approaching  the following day so I was keen on getting the last leg of the trip completed. I could only see the higher ground of mainland Tasmania with the coast being hidden until the final 3 nautical miles from Little Musselroe Bay. It was another rough paddle with wind against current for the second half of the crossing.It was a fitting end to this adventure.Thanks to my family and friends Mark Clarke, Steve Holley and Rob Howe from Howe Shipwrights in Sydney for helping me with the kayak modifications. Also thanks to Karel Vissel  for the weather forecasts. I also used BOM and Willy weather for my weather forecasts and tidal information. Average speed 3.9 kts www.oceanwilderness.com.au

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