Monday, 1 April 2013

Day 7 thunder and Lightening Bay to Clarke Island

SE15- 20 kts sea's 1-1.5m. I had a bit of a sleep in and waited until just before high tide to depart. It was a very still morning as I headed out on the western side of Preservation Island to get a nice straight run to Clarke with the help of the current and was making great time for the first 45 minutes until the SE wind kicked in and built in strength. I had the current with me but as the head wind approached the 25- 30 kt mark it became very hard going with constant waves breaking in my face. It was the shortest paddle of the trip but also the hardest. I battled my way into Spike Cove with a rough tidal race around the head land. A couple of fishing boats were seeking shelter there as well. They offered me a beer as soon as I told them my launch location of Victoria. Average speed 3.7 kts


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