Monday, 1 April 2013

Day 4 Deal Island to Whitemark

NW 10 -15kts seas nil. I made my way out of  Winter Cove just on first light. As I cleared Deal Island it was a magic day. Unfortunately the NW wind forecast which would have helped me was non existent. I saw a large shark a couple of hours into my trip but it showed no interest in me. I was making good time as I approached Flinders and decided to take advantage of the changing flooding tide and head for Roydon Island. I arrived at Roydon and went for a quick swim and look at the hut which is know fitted with a water tank. I really wanted to stay the night at Roydon but I still had a few hours of flooding tide and daylight left. If I stayed the night I would have been looking at another early start or wait for the afternoon tide. I decided to push on to Whitemark ,  rocketing down the coast with the current assisting me until the last hour when it changed and I had to grit my teeth after a long day. I arrived at Whitemark in the dark and just pulled my bivi bag out and crashed . I woke up and headed for the Bakery for a big breakfast. The forecast for the next day was not great with head winds and currents not in my favour. I decided to have a day off and eat  a  large amount of food and sort  through my gear.Average speed 4.2 kts

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